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IncBit Business App - Create Mobile Forms and Tracking for Field Staff / Executives - Glomapp

In the Blackberry days, IncBit team developed Glomapp ( )  application was developed as a SaaS solution with an integrated mobile app. Customized forms can be sent online to BB registered users who can fill-in the form and submit it back to the server.


  • To provide the admin/supervisor the facility to create forms dynamically using a web browser (i.e. Mozilla, Internet Explorer). These forms can be sent to mobile devices (Blackberry).
  • User can fill the form on Mobile and submit the filled-in details. 
  • Information would be stored on server and can be retrieved by the admin/supervisor using Reports.
Main features of the app are as below:
i)    Create and Manage Mobile Forms
ii)    Field Service Application - dispatching, orders, signature capture
iii)    Sales Force Application - invoicing, signature capture, time sheet
iv)    Geo location and tracking - mobile workers and assets such as deliver trucks and construction vehicles

The basic steps would be executed to create forms dynamically on web browser. The following are the basic and simple steps to create a form dynamically on web browser.
  • Admin/Supervisor login: Supervisor/Admin would be provided with a web screen for login/password.
  • Create Form Group: Once logged-in, the admin can create a Form Group for which forms need to be created. For existing Form Group(s) the forms can be edited or deleted.In this wireframe screen, the user would be shown Form Group List and Form List (if any) i.e. if a user has already created some Form Groups or forms, then those forms and projects would be shown to user.
  • P.S. Form Group in business terms can represent a Category to group similar forms. For example in a warehouse there can be Form Groups like “Checkpoint Forms”, “Invoice Forms” etc. For a field service a form group can be “Survey Forms”, “Invoice Forms”, “Job Sheets”, “Work Orders” etc.
  • Create Forms: Once a Form Group is created, the user can now create the forms.
  • Create Page(s): We’re providing facility to create multiple pages (for example, personal details page, department details etc.) for a form.User can create multiple pages for a single form. This feature helps a user to create long forms which can divided into pages so that it becomes easier to fill-in information into the pages on device (Blackberry).
  • Create Form Fields/Controls: After adding page(s), the user can create different fields for the form(for example, the user can add name, age, address fields in Personal details page and department name, designation fields in Department details page).
    This screen shows up when the user clicks “Add Form Control: button”. This screen helps a user create different fields to be used in a form. The user can provide field name, type with required status (i.e. mandatory or not) and can save the information.
  • Display Form(s): Once a user has done creating form(s), the user can see the list of the forms in different pages.
Glomapp is an application that allows companies to use compatible devices to record data from the field wirelessly, helping to improve your company's productivity by doing away with old-fashioned paper forms. Glomapp is ideal for mobile workers in fields that include but are not limited to: retail, health care, energy,      property management, financial services, and education.

It is 2-way step to use this application:
1) Register as a supervisor
2) Registered Supervisor will add a valid user
Please follow the attached presentation to use the application and share your valuable experience.

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IncBit Business App - Social Networking Web and Mobile App (android and iOS)

You can create network of friends, share events, gifts. You can also create a wishbook to be shared with friends. Moreover, you can also import list of contacts from facebook. We are also developing mobile apps for GivingBook both for iOS and Android. and GivingBook native mobile application are part of a platform used by customers to give, share and keep in touch with friends and family members. Users sign up for the service and quickly enter their „vital stats‟ [working title] which include favorite charities, clothing sizes [for both the user and their children if applicable], favorite brands and stores and much more. As they continue to use, customers can add items they‟d love to give onto their “giftbook” page (or section on mobile application) or they can add items they would like to receive on their “wishbook” page (or section on mobile application). Users establish and continually update their profile preferences on the website or through their native iOS or Android app and each account is updated in real-time for accuracy across the network. is a unique way for the thoughtful, yet disorganized to always show their love with the perfect gift – whether it‟s a gift on behalf of a loved one to their favorite charity or that special dress she‟s been eyeing.
The website will feature six pages [seven including both versions of homepage – one for logged-in returning users, and one for non-logged in visitors]. The homepage sample above shows the page that visitors who are not yet members of the service or members who are not signed in will see. Pages, which we will review in the following items:
- home page (2 versions)
- my people page
- my wishbook
- my vitals
- my giftbook
- my calendar

MAIN IMAGE. The main image on the page is presented as a rotator of images pulled from our stack in a standard smooth slider transition. Again, this is when a new visitor or non-logged in user visits the site. If a user is logged in, he or she will see their “cover Photo” or “Inspiration photo” which they uploaded from their wishbook page or on signup.

LOGIN. New users or returning non logged-in users will be able to register or login to the service from this page. New users can either quick sign up with facebook, using their facebook login.

My wishbook section of the site and the app is where users can add items they‟d like to receive as gifts from anywhere on the web, and even add where to get it or other notes into the „description field‟ beneath an uploaded photo. This is like Pinterest, however, unlike Pinterest, the user can choose to make them as public or private as they wish, or only show them to their close friends and family. You can select whether to publish to facebook or twitter or not. This will include your favorite charities as well. The user is also able to add approximate price of an item.

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IncBit Business App - Online Games Application

DuelingRoster Application includes Fantasy games for NBA , NFL, NHL, MLB, CFB and CBB type. User can be a participant of any contest by choosing a scheduled game from the "LOBBY" which will be played on a particular date. After selecting a contest, user will have to lineup "Players" for that contest to create a fantasy team for him. User can also create a contest for a particular "Matchup".
Feature(s) / Functionality List:
User contests are based on the results and scoring metrics of the COMBINED RESULTS AND METRICS OF EVERY MATCHUP SCHEDULED THAT DAY!.
The Chat Window functionality
GRID around the prize on create head to head pool page
Head 2 Head Contest Creation Testing
Games History
Missing Game Details
My Contests
My Contests
Sortable Table
Admin Zone User Controls
User Profile Messages
Admin Zone - View Users transactions
Admin - Games
Admin - Statistics
Support Page Messages
Implement Sharing Icons
Data Table Design Flaw
Homepage Contest Data Table
Transaction History
News Spacing
Update Button
Deposit/ Withdrawal Confirmation
Account suspended
Top 5 paid
Top Winners
Row Height
Blog Page
Contest Live Page
Cancel Challenge
Enter text copy in admin
Contest table column header
Credential retrieval success
Contest Automatic Name Generator(I have already fixed it and assigned  this ticket to close)
Select Players()
News Spacing
Deposit/ Withdrawal Confirmation
Account suspended
Admin Text Copy: Enter text copy in admin and functionality in admin zone to update text daily by admin which will be shown on home page
Sortable column logic on lobby section functionality
Admin Zone - View Users transactions: functionality of sortable column functionality
Support Page Messages: display support messages in admin zone
Admin – Games
Admin - Statistics(functionality of user pages viewed on site and duration to visit website)
functionality of  Sharing Icons
Referral Section:
      i) Registered Users are each assigned a unique and personal hyperlink.

     ii) This link can be accessed by visiting the users “My Locker” page and clicking on “Recruit Friends” tab. 
iii) The unique link can be shared and sent to prospective users via Facebook, Twitter and Email.
There is a database on the “Recruit Friends” tab that displays the status of invitations sent, status of the invitations, invitations accepted and bonuses earned from the referral system.
     v) Referring users earn commission in the form of “DR Roster Tickets”. These tickets can then be redeemed and used as entry fees to other DR contests but CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN FOR CASH.
The referring user earns commission for referred joined users who enter PAID contests only. The referring user earns commission of his friends paid entry fees. Ticket is credited to the referring users account to be used as an entry into a paid contest.
     vii) The referring user earns commission of his friends paid entry fees if he gets more referrals in a particular period.
The commission tickets earned are credited to the referring users account on a specific day the month. There are no restrictions on the number of referrals you can bring in. Every month, you will simply see a percentage of the revenue your referrals generate deposited into your own Dueling Rosters account, and you can immediately start using it to enter contests.

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