About Us

About Us 

IncBit is expert into android, iPhone, iPad , responsive websites and native mobile apps development. We are developing and delivering user-friendly mobile apps and websites for Android, iOS, iPad and Windows platform.

Our Vision And Mission

IncBit has a vision and mission to develop and deliver quality business solutions and services as per customer's changing business needs to help them get the Value of Investment(VoL). This is what leads IncBit to say Business Solutions Delivered... as our Vision and Mission statement.

Why We Are Different

IncBit Integrated Systems(iBIS) is all about business solutions with Output Based Delivery Model. IncBit develops applications with its internal technical architecture as an Integration Suite, external interface with simplicity of use and applications' business viability best-matched with clients' business models. We develop business solutions with our unique MISE(Mobile, Integrated, SaaS and Embedded) development approach. This approach helps us develop applications with ports open for mobile interface, hardware interface and provision of converting the solution into a product and being integrated with different systems.

Work Ethics And Culture 

Innovation & Quality are our Work Ethics and Open Communication is our Culture. This is what we follow in executing our services for our customers. IncBit maintains an open environment of communication among all its associates which greatly helps in delivering solutions as per client's expectations. We always promote suggestions/opinions from all across the organization at all levels to strengthen our ethical model of working together. With a strong belief on what we do, we extend all ourselves to build long-term relationship with our clients, as we again strongly believe when clients are able to meet their business objectives through our services, we also grow with them in long-term.